PT2 Series Surge Protector



PT2 Series


PT2 Series Service Entrance and Distribution Panel TVSS
PT2 Series models are housed in a compact, plastic, hermetically sealed housing that ensures weatherproof protection for outdoor and indoor installations. Color-coded wiring conforms to US and International standards and convenient pigtail design makes installation flexible and easy. Thermal disconnects and fusing for each MOV plus a sand filled enclosure permit benign end-of-life mode during sustained line over voltage conditions, eliminating smoke and fire damage to adjacent equipment.
Typical Applications
Service entrance and distribution panels. Parallel connected design.

Low-cost catastrophic protection for service entrance or distribution panel. Improves equipment reliability, extends equipment life and reduces maintenance costs.

How it Works
When a transient surge exceeds the normal system voltage, the PT2 device responds within nanoseconds and changes state from a high impedance open circuit to a low impedance shunt (short circuit). Connected in parallel with the facility’s loads, the PT2 diverts damaging current away from sensitive loads while simultaneously clamping the high transient voltage to harmless levels. At the end of the transient event, the PT2 automatically returns to its normal operating condition without service interruption.
Key Features
  • 40 kA surge amp capacity protection per mode
  • Single phase 120 & 220 VAC models
  • Single phase 120/240 VAC models (split phase 3 wire)
  • Three phase 208Y/120, 380Y/220 & 480Y/277 VAC models
  • Pigtail design for easy installation
  • Individual fusing and thermal disconnects for each MOV
  • LED provides visual status of L-N MOV elements
  • Form “C” (SPDT) relay contacts for remote monitoring




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