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ESP enVision Surge Protector/Noise Filter/Power Monitor - 208-240 volt, 30 amp with L6-30 (locking) connectors - Model EV-20830-L630

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Manufacturer: ESP (Electronic Systems Protection)
Model: EV-20830-L630
Voltage/Amperage Rating: 208-240 volts/30 Amps
Input Connector: 3 foot cord with NEMA L6-30P plug
Output Connectors: (1) L6-30R receptacle
Weight: 13 lbs
Dimensions: 6"W x 8"D x 2"H
  • Patented multi-stage industrial surge/spike protection to safeguard your equipment from catastrophic damage
  • Industrial EMI/RFI noise filtering to prevent equipment disruption, phantom problems, and error codes
  • Catastrophic under & over voltage protection (CouVS®) with programmable thresholds, automatically disconnects from the electrical supply in the event of dangerous extended over voltage and under voltage conditions.
  • Wiring fault detection to ensure your safety
  • Zero-cross voltage turn-on
  • Cat 6 network surge protection (RJ-45)
  • Phone surge protection (RJ-11) with DSL filter
  • Inrush Current Elimination (ICE®)
  • Lifetime Product Warranty - if it ever fails, for ANY reason, we will replace it with a brand new one. Hassle free. No fine print. We pay for the shipping too.


      The ESP enVision EV-20830-L630 is a professional, industrial-grade surge protector/noise filter that provides very powerful protection from the damage and downtime caused by electrical surges, spikes, transients, over voltage, under voltage, EMI/RFI noise and wiring faults.

      Real time power monitoring is a built-in feature that allows you to monitor, manage and diagnose power issues in your home or office. The LCD display shows you the status of the input power.

      For more advanced reporting your purchase includes FREE downloadable software that allows you to display power quality information on your computer screen.  An optional interface cable (part #XG-PCS-IC-1), available separately, is required to view or download data to a PC. The software is PC only. It is not compatible with Apple products.

      The XG-PCS-15D features Cat 6 ETL verified network (RJ-45) protection to keep electrical disturbances from entering your equipment via the network cable. It also includes telephone line (RJ-11) protection for equipment that has a phone or fax capability (like a multi-function printer).

      The Difference

      Unlike standard surge protectors and power strips that offer limited protection (often using only metal oxide varistors (MOV)), the ESP enVision combines gas tubes, silicone avalanche diodes and metal oxide varistors into a patented circuit that does not degrade over time and provides very robust protection.

      Common Applications for the EV-20830-L630

      • production copier/printers
      • IT racks
      • industrial equipment
      • light beds

      The enVision EV-20830-L630 is used by many of the world’s leading technology companies to safeguard their electronic equipment, optimize performance and protect against data loss.