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ESP Digital QC Surge Protector and EMI/RFI Noise Filter - 120 volt, 15 amp - Model D11316T

IN STOCK - ships in 2-3 business days from the ESP factory in North Carolina

        Made in the USA

        ESP Surge Protector Product Comparison Chart

        • Voltage: 120VAC, Amperage: 15A
        • Input Connection: 3 foot cord with NEMA 5-15P plug
        • Flexible Output Connection: 6 inch "pigtail" cord with (1) NEMA 5-15R receptacle 
        • Additional Output Connection: 2 flush mount NEMA 5-15R receptacles
        • Patented Multi-Stage industrial surge/spike protection
        • Industrial EMI/RFI noise filtering
        • Catastrophic overvoltage protection
        • Wiring fault detection
          • Lifetime Warranty on product
          • Lifetime Connected Equipment Warranty
          • Made in the USA

            Today's Digital QC is the evolution of the original, ground-breaking ESP design which came to market in the 1980s. To this day it remains one of the best selling professional-grade surge protectors in the world - having sold millions of units. It offers very powerful protection but without the advanced monitoring and diagnostic capability of the Next Gen and enVision products.

            Unlike standard surge protectors and power strips that use only metal oxide varistors (MOV), the Digital QC combines gas tubes, silicone avalanche diodes and metal oxide varistors into a patented circuit that does not degrade over time and provides very robust protection. 

            Like all ESP products, the Digital QC is proudly made in the USA with the highest quality components.

            The Digital QC offers comprehensive power protection to safeguard equipment from the dangers associated with damaging surges, spikes, over voltage, EMI/RFI noise and wiring faults.

            The Digital QC is available in a variety of voltage/amperage configurations. Many models also have Cat5e ETL verified network (RJ-45) and telephone line (RJ-11) surge protection to protect network interface circuits. The D5 series also includes power over Ethernet protection.

            Note: plug and outlet types as well as phone/network connections will vary from model to model. The product images may not illustrate the exact configurations.



              Physical Characteristics

              Dimensions - Length: 8.8"
              Dimensions - Width: 6.25"
              Dimensions - Height: 2.2"
              Shipping Weight: 2.8 lbs
              Input Connection: AC 3' cord with NEMA 5-15P plug
              Flexible Output Connection: 6 inch "pigtail" cord with (1) 5-15R receptacle 
              Additional AC Output Connection: (1) flush 5-15R receptacle

              Electrical Characteristics

              Maximum Line Voltage: 140VAC
              Maximum Load Current: 15A
              Operational Status
              * Reverse Polarity Green Light = OK
              * Open Ground Green Light = OK
              Leakage Current: <3.5 mA
              Steady State Efficiency: >99.2% @ 15A >99% @ 20A
              Thru-put Resistance: <0.033 Ohm
              Patented Hybrid Circuitry: Yes

              Voltage Suppression

              Response Time: < 5 nS
              Sine Wave Tracking: Yes
              Clamp Voltage 6kV 3kA - Normal Mode: 306V peak
              Clamp Voltage 6kV 3kA - Common Mode: 299V peak (L-G)
              Clamp Voltage 6kV 3kA - Common Mode: 70V peak (N-G)
              Maximum Surge Current Withstand for 20 μsec: 13000A peak
              Residual Energy Let-thru in Joules (less is better)
              -All Modes IEEE C62.41 Category A Ringwave: 0.03J
              -All Modes IEEE C62.41 Category B Ringwave: 0.05J
              -All Modes IEEE C62.41 Category B Impulse: 0.76J
              -All Modes UL 1449 Impulse: 0.19J
              --Total Residual Energy Let-thru All Modes: 1.03J
              Neutral-Ground Let Through Voltage: < 0.5V
              Lowest UL 1449 Rating: 330V

              Frequency Attenuation (120V models)

              Normal Mode
              >10 dB (3.16 times Reduction Factor): 1 kHz - 30 MHz
              >20 dB (10 times Reduction Factor): 6 kHz - 30 MHz
              >30 dB (31.6 times Reduction Factor): 45 kHz - 23 MHz
              >40 dB (100 times Reduction Factor): 65 kHz - 15 MHz
              Filter Order: 2nd
              Common Mode
              >10 dB (3.16 times Reduction Factor): 2 kHz - >30 MHz
              >20 dB (10 times Reduction Factor): 7 kHz - >30 MHz
              >30 dB (31.6 times Reduction Factor): 149 kHz - > 19 MHz
              >40 dB (100 times Reduction Factor): 6 MHz - 8 MHz
              Filter Order: 3rd
              Sine Wave Tracking: yes

              Approval Standards

              Best UL 1449 Rating in the Industry: 330 V
              Exceeds ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Catergory A&B: >10000 hits
              Withstands FCC Part 68 Surge Standard: Yes
              Complies with UL 497A & B Standards: Yes
              Complies with UL 498 Plug & Receptacles: Yes
              Complies with UL 991 Reliabilty Standard: Yes
              Complies with UL 1283 EMI Filter Standard Full EMI filter
              Mil Std 40 Year Design Life No time limit warranty
              Safety Certified: UL-1449 Standard, ETL Listed