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ESP Next Gen Surge Protector/Noise Filter/Power Monitor (Model XG-PCS-20D) - 120 volt, 20 amp with NEMA 5-20 Connectors

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  • The XG-PCS-20D is designed for 120 volt, 20 amp electric circuits. It has a NEMA 5-20P plug, (1) 5-20R outlet and (2) 5-15R outlets. This model will not work with a standard household (15 amp) circuit. Look at the plug photo in this listing to be sure this model will work with your equipment.
  • Industrial-grade surge and noise protection: safeguards equipment from lightning strikes, surges, transients, noise and under/over voltage events.
  • 120 volt/20 amp with (1) 5-20R & (2) 5-15R outlets
  • (RJ-45) network protection, (RJ-11) phone line protection
  • Monitor, manage and diagnose power issues. Includes FREE software to display power quality information on your computer screen. Optional interface cord XG-PCS-IC-1 is required to view or download data to a PC.
  • The power protection choice of the world's biggest technology companies 

      Made in the USA

      ESP Surge Protector Product Comparison Chart


      *An optional interface cord (Part #XG-PCS-IC-1) is required to connect the Next Gen to a computer. Next Gen software (free download from the Software tab below) must be installed on the host computer.

      • Patented Multi-Stage industrial surge/spike protection
      • Industrial EMI/RFI noise filtering
      • Catastrophic under & over voltage protection (CouVS®) with software programmable thresholds
      • Wiring fault detection
      • Zero-cross voltage turn-on
      • Hybrid Switch technology
      • ETL Cat5e Network surge protection (RJ-45)
      • Phone surge protection (RJ-11) with DSL filter
      • Inrush Current Elimination (ICE®)
      • Under-voltage event recorder (up to 999 events)
      • Over-voltage event recorder (up to 999 events)
      • Power outage event recorder (up to 999 events)
      • Surge event recorder (up to 999 events)
      • Event time stamp recorder (up to 60 events)
        • records time between events
      • LCD Event Monitor Display
        • Under-voltage events
        • Over-voltage events
        • Power outage events
        • Surge events
        • Last recorded event type
        • Output status (ON or OFF)
        • Additional information in certain circumstances (detailed in Section III ofUser Manual)
        • Lifetime Warranty on product
        • Lifetime Connected Equipment Warranty




          Dimensions: 6.125” W x 8.375” D x 2” H
          Weight: 2.4 lbs.
          Temperature Range: 5C to 35C
          Humidity Range: 5% to 95% R.H. Non-condensing


          Load Rating: 20 Amps at 120 Volts
          Voltage Protection Rating (VPR): 330V All Modes 
          – Normal Mode: >30dB 80kHz – 50MHz
          – Common Mode: >30dB 70kHz – 50MHz
          Power Requirement (no load): 4 Watts
          Under-Voltage Shutdown: Adjustable from 80 Volts to 95 Volts, or Disabled
          – Restores at 105 Volts. Adjustable from 140 Volts to 170 Volts, or Disabled
          Over-Voltage Shutdown: Adjustable from 135 Volts to 160 Volts
          – Restores at 130 Volts
          Internal Memory Capacity: 60 Events with timestamp; 999 counts of each event type
          Voltmeter Accuracy: Peak reading type. Typical product accuracy is ±2% between: 40V and 180V
          Timestamp accuracy: ±2.5%
          Response Time: 100msec Over-Voltage / 150msec Under-Voltage
          Under-Voltage Record Event Definition: AC voltage has dropped below 100V
          Over-Voltage Record Event Definition: AC voltage has risen above 135V
          Power Outage Event Definition: AC voltage has dropped below 20V
          Surge Event Definition: Next Gen PCS Filter has been exposed to a transient voltage in one of the 3 possible modes (between Line and Neutral, between Line and Ground, between Neutral and Ground) with a peak amplitude of 500V* or higher and a frequency of 20 kHz or higher. *500V/700V surge voltage amplitude applies to IEEE C62.41 Category B Impulse; surge voltage amplitudes necessary for detection of other surge types may vary.
          Modem/Fax Protection: Single telephone line surge suppression
          Ethernet Protection: Cat5e network surge protection, ETL Certified to TIA/EIA-568-B.2

          Computer Requirements

          PC Requirements: For use with Next Gen PCS Diagnostic Software. Minimum 133MHz Pentium processor (or equivalent), minimum 64MB of RAM, minimum 10MB free hard drive space, VGA or higher resolution monitor, keyboard, mouse, CD or DVD drive, minimum screen resolution of 1024×768, Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.
          Standards Compliance

          Agency Listings: ETL Certified to UL 1449 (3rd Edition), ETL Certified to TIA/EIA-568-B.2 Cat 5e, Industry Canada Certified
          ** Specifications subject to change without notice
          ** All listed specifications obtained at an ambient temperature of 25°C



          ESP Interface Cable #XG-PCS-IC-1 for connecting Next Gen to PC via USB port. This allows Next Gen power data to be downloaded to PC and/or viewed in real time on the PC. Requires that (free) Next Gen software be installed on host PC.




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