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ESP S1 Surge Protector

Backordered - Ships in 3-4 weeks from the ESP factory in North Carolina

      Made in the USA

      • Lifetime product warranty - if it ever fails, for ANY reason, we will replace it with a brand new one. Hassle free. No fine print. We pay for the shipping too.
      • 5 year connected equipment warranty
      • Engineered and made in the USA
      • Catastrophic protection - patented 3-Stage industrial AC surge protection
      • Protection from disruption/data loss/errors - Industrial EMI/RFI noise filtering

        The ESP S1 surge protector provides industrial-grade surge protection and noise filtering in a small, single-outlet package. It is designed for use with small electronic devices. The price point is comparable to what you would pay for "consumer-level" products in a retail store. But the performance is pro level and pure ESP!

        Most low cost consumer surge protectors and "power strips" use single-stage MOV technology which offer very limited protection against surges and no protection against noise. By comparison, the ESP Compact products provide professional multi-stage protection - both surge and noise. Just like its big brothers - the Digital QC, Next Gen, and enVison models, the S1 uses a combination of gas tube, silicone avalanche diodes and metal oxide varistors to provide incredibly robust performance.

        Like all ESP products, the S1 is Made in the USA.

        Because of its small size, the S1 can be easily installed where there is limited space. It's great for protecting small appliances, video game consoles and other small devices. The S1 protects equipment from high speed transients, lightning strikes, wiring faults, and electronic noise events that can cause damage, data loss, and downtime.



          Physical Characteristics

          Dimensions - Length: 6.25"
          Dimensions - Width: 3.5"
          Dimensions - Height: 1.625"
          Shipping Weight: 1.8 lbs
          Input Connection - wall-mount
          Output Connection - (1) NEMA 5-15R flush receptacle
          Temperature Range: 5C to 35C
          Humidity Range: 5% to 95% R.H. non-condensing

          Electrical Characteristics

          Maximum Line Voltage: 140 VAC
          Maxium Load Current: 15 amps continuous
          Operational Status Green Light = power on
          Leakage Current: <0.5 mA Leakage Current
          Steady State Efficiency: >99.6% @ Full Load
          Thru-put Resistance: <0.020 Ohms (Each Line)

          Voltage Suppression

          Response Time: < 25 nS
          Sine Wave Tracking: Yes
          Residual Energy Let-thru in Joules (Less is Better)
          -All Modes IEEE C62.41 Category A Ringwave: 0.09 Joules
          -All Modes IEEE C62.41 Category B Ringwave: 0.19 Joules
          -All Modes IEEE C62.41 Category B Impulse: 1.06 Joules
          -All Modes UL 1449 Impulse: 0.13 Joules
          Total Residual Energy Let-thru All Modes: 1.46 Joules
          Suppressed Voltage Rating: 330V L-G, 330V N-G, 400V L-N

          Noise Frequency Attenuation

          Response Time - Series Filter: Instantaneous
          Normal Mode
          >20 dB (10 times Reduction Factor): 25 kHz - 30 MHz
          >30 dB (31.6 times Reduction Factor): 100 kHz - 50 Mhz
          >40 dB (100 times Reduction Factor): 210 kHz-1 Mhz, 3 MHz-21 MHz
          Filter Order: 2nd
          Common Mode

          >10 dB: 1.5MHz - 50MHz
          >20 dB (10 times Reduction Factor): 3 MHz - 30 MHz
          >30 dB (31.6 times Reduction Factor): 5.5 MHz - 30 MHz
          Sine Wave Tracking: Yes

          Approval Standards

          Exceeds ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Catergory A&B: >1000 hits
          Withstands FCC Part 68 Surge Standard: >1000 hits
          Complies with UL 1283 EMI Filter Standard: Yes, Full EMI Filter
          Safety Certified: ETL Certified to UL 1449 3rd Edition & CSA 22.2 No. 8